[LCSD] What if…..?

I was reading about Measure 02-65 in Corvallis (PDF), which would fund an expansion of the Senior Center, and it occurred to me:  Local levies, bonds, etc. are ways a community decides that something specific is worth funding and that they – the community – are willing to pay for it.

Hm.  Where else have a heard a group of community members talking about the things they’d like to see done in the public sector in their town… oh, right:  Lebanon!

Specifically, there has been a lot of talk about how the LCSD needs to bring back a significant number of programs and classes that have disappeared over the last decade or two:  More classes in the areas of Art, Music, PE, etc.; school-sponsored middle school sports; more advanced classes; alternative programs; etc. etc.

A little light went off in my brain – if the Lebanon community wants these things, why don’t they pass a levy or bond dedicated to providing them?

It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a rough estimate of the cost of the additional classes and programs; even if it’s not exact, the district can surely chip in the remainder.  And it’s an incredible move – it tells everyone that the community is solidly behind these programs.  So behind them, in fact, they are willing to take on the cost of bringing them back.  (As well, it would increase overall funding for the district, which is certainly a good thing.)

I don’t know the logistical details of how this would work, or if there are some administrative or legal roadblocks.  That’s always possible (and in the case levy or bond money can’t be used for these types of things, would it be possible to raise the funds for something else, thereby freeing up an equal amounts of funds from the district’s existing budget?).

Bottom line: Rather than stand on the sidelines and point fingers, this gives people who are interested in seeing those programs return a way to actually make that happen while increasing the district’s overall funding as well as demonstrating the community’s commitment to kids.

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