“Law allows deal for Lebanon’s Robinson”

Jennifer Moody in the DH:

LEBANON — Jim Robinson’s near-$400,000 severance package to resign as superintendent of the Lebanon Community School District didn’t violate Oregon’s “golden parachute” law, a Senate committee has decided.

But Sen. Vicki Walker, D-Eugene, chair of the Senate Education and General Government Committee, said she’s determined to amend the law to see that such packages are no longer allowed.

Walker said she plans to draft a bill next week that would limit buyouts to no more than one year’s pay and include only medical benefits and health care premiums until they are re-employed or turn 65.

Given that last comment, I have to wonder if Walker knows the full situation, since luxurious buyouts are usually from friendly boards.  She could come down on either side – that Superintendents should be willing accept smaller buyouts, or that boards should do a better job negotiating.  Or both.  This comment suggests she is blaming the boards (or maybe the OSBA, it’s not clear):

“This is ridiculous. I’m really disappointed they would work with me on drafting legislation last session and then turn around and circumvent me this way,” Walker said, referring to school districts. “We’ve got to get a handle on this, because obviously school boards aren’t doing it.”

The Lebanon district was not represented at Monday’s meeting.

Also, what’s with no one from the LCSD Board going?

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3 Comments on ““Law allows deal for Lebanon’s Robinson””

  1. anonymous Says:

    Maybe the board already knew what the results of a hearing would be?

  2. Dennis Says:

    Possibly. But my point is that Vicki Walker asked someone from the LCSD to go. It wasn’t about only going because the outcome might have been unfavorable, but about being able to work with a legislator on this, and possibly even explain why the buyout was the size it was. Walker was clearly annoyed, and there was no one from either district on hand to explain what happened. I would have thought it would have been a fairly basic point.

    Of course, it is possible that all of the Board members were working at the time. 1 PM on a Monday isn’t terribly convenient.

  3. anonymous Says:

    In the Lebanon express, Josh Wineteer stated that the district counsel didn’t want anyone to attend the meeting. Not sure why. You would have thought the board attorney would have gone.

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