A bit of policy wonkery

Via Kevin Drum @ Mother Jones, this, from EFI:

Funny – I don’t see “send everyone a check for $300 in an election year” on that list, do you?

Please note how the things that provide less than $1 of benefit for every $1 invested are things that benefit corporations.  The things that provide the most benefit are things like food stamps and unemployment – you know, things that go to those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

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2 Comments on “A bit of policy wonkery”

  1. rh Says:

    Maybe I am too dumb to understand. Obviously, not all the categories that return less than a buck are for corporations, some are for individuals. You may not believe it, but it probably won’t be long before you get hit with the AMT. Believe me, it sucks! Some friends of mine, a cop and a nurse got hit with it. Say they don’t pay the AMT tax, or the “patch” continues, it will save them about $1000 in taxes. Now wouldn’t they do something with that money? If the $1000 goes to the government, how would that be different then the couple going on a shopping spree? Still poutting people to work, etc. How would the government spend it on food stamps and get a $1.73 per dollar spent when the couple spending the same dollar would only get $0.48? Even if Joe and Suzy were smart, and they saved it, eventually they would use it and keep the economy going. Also, how could a payroll tax holiday be better than a AMT patch? Last time I checked, a married couple making under about $35,000 would be paying almost no tax anyway, so the poor would not benefit from that. And does the corporate tax break include the money that is still over seas that may come back if the corporate rate was lower?

    How does a dollar in food stamps equal 1.73 in benefits? So if we put everyone on foodstamps, we would all be rich!

  2. Dennis Says:

    Check out where the data comes from – I believe the measurement is how much each measure increases GDP for every dollar dedicated. It’s a macro-level thing.

    The technical side of economics is beyond me as well.

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