It burned my eyes

No, it has nothing to do with the LCSD.  Someone gave this person a law degree?  Seriously?

The most important function of a vice president is to serve as a spare president. Using the spare president in the ordinary course of business is as unwise as driving on one’s spare tire. Spares should be kept pristine, for when they are really needed.

No, that’s not – intentionally, at least – satire.  I can’t wait for the day (someone page Futurama) when the VP is stuffed in a closet in the Oval Office in plastic wrap, and unwrapped only in case of emergencies.  I also wonder when and how the VP is supposed to learn everything they’ll need to know as President if they’re sitting on their thumbs all day, but what do I know?  I don’t teach law.

Talk about devaluing the profession.

(Mmmm…. pristine Joe Biden.  I think that one’s listed at ‘market value’ on the menu.)

Via Atrios.
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