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Ms. Shimmin and Mr. McUne are well meaning, but they tend to be tentative and overly worried about appearances to “both sides.”

In a normal situation that would be fine, but in this case one “side” was controlling and bullying the rest of the community for years and really should not be allowed much say for awhile while the victims get a chance to have the major problems fixed.

Really?  Really? What does LP think will happen to the people who they advocate ignoring for years?  That they’ll stop caring?  That they aren’t long-time Lebanon residents?  That they will just fade away?

This is amazing – LP spends all this time claiming the majority of the community has been ignored for years, and then turns around and says a whole section of the community should “not be allowed much say for awhile.”  That’s a direct quote – LP just advocated stifling, what, a full third of the community based on the election results?  For an indeterminate amount of time?  Hello, am I still in America?  What happened to free speech?  What happened to the community of Lebanon?  Sure, not everyone is always going to agree, but you don’t solve disagreements by telling the people you disagree with to shut up.  LP should know better than that.

Remember, everyone – from CARES to Rick Alexander to Debi Shimmin and Russ McUne and yes, Jim Robinson – is doing what they think is best for the district.  This kind of behavior – intentionally ignoring everyone who disagrees – will never lead to the district healing.  It will only continue to lead to bad blood and conflict.

For that matter, I am really surprised to see LP disrespect Shimmin and McUne like this.  After all, without at least one of the two, any proposal from Alexander or Wineteer would be dead in the water.

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One Comment on “[LCSD] Perspective”

  1. rh Says:

    Iraq worked well. The minority led for a long time, the US came in and fixed things. Yep, going with just one side helped a lot. That is why the US is out of Iraq and they are a flourishing democracy!

    Unless we come to an agreement acceptable to both “sides”, we will never be over the fighting over stupid things. I would hope the board does do what looks good to both sides, but that would involve both sides needing to work toward improving education and not trying to make sure that only “their” side wins. LP is not helping that.

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