[Hering] What personal responsibility?


Once again we see how the property tax is disconnected from people’s ability to pay.

I guess personal responsibility only counts when it’s convenient.  (I can easily see Hering saying “don’t buy if you can’t afford it,” can’t you?)

Not to mention that there is also an income tax, which is more than a little connected to people’s ability to pay.

Then there’s this:

One way to get there faster is to approve Measure 56, which allows property tax increases to be approved with less than a 50 percent turnout in any May and November election instead of just in general elections in even-numbered years.

The measure may pass because the 2007 legislature, which specialized in writing misleading ballot titles, also did a job on this one: “Provides that May and November property tax elections are decided by majority of voters voting.”

No mention there of of tax increases. No mention of the the real effect.

This is just asinine – the description is quite accurate.  And ballot measure titles are supposed to be neutral, not describe the side Hering favors.

If Hering didn’t actually sign his editorials, I’d be hard-pressed at times to identify them all as coming from the same person.  They tend to occasionally contradict each other in the assumptions needed to support them.  And no, I don’t think that’s a good thing.  I think it’s the sign of an editorialist who ditches principles when they are inconvenient.

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