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Williams and Crossan both suggested school-sponsored sports offered at Seven Oak Middle School, instead of having Boys and Girls Club programs as the sole choice.

That’s cute. No offense, but I’m waiting for the realization that all the wonderful things being named recently – new sports programs, the reintroduction of PE, music, etc – cost money the district almost certainly doesn’t have.  It’s not even a matter of priorities within the district; I just doubt the money is there to lower class sizes, increase offerings, revive and expand programs, decrease the LCSD’s cut of PIE’s per-student funding while providing PIE a bus route as mentioned by one parent in the article (anyone else see the irony?), etc.

I assume most people actually know this.  I hope so, at any rate.  It’s always easy to make a wish list, but it’s much harder to pay for all of it.  Thus seems to be the nature of government, no?

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8 Comments on “[LCSD] Forum”

  1. ProudofLebanon Says:

    Regarding “providing PIE a bus route”…are you not aware that the State pays the District close to $400 per student (Charter School Students are included) for transportation and that those funds are supposed to be providing that transportation and they are not? What does the District do with those funds?

  2. rhetoricalwasteland Says:

    No, I was not. But given the misinformation that has often come out of the PIE camp, forgive me if I want more confirmation than an anonymous comment on a blog.

  3. Roxy Says:

    I really think this forum should’ve been something the school district did awhile ago, rather than organized by parents and Brown.

    And there’s nothing wrong with having a wish list. Hopefully they prioritize it realistically though.

  4. sailor Says:

    Proud of Lebanon is disseminating. The law is that the Charter School must provide transportation, not the District; further, the District is not required to add or extend bus routes to accomplish the Charter School transport:

    338.145 Responsibility for student transportation services; costs. (1) The public charter school shall be responsible for providing transportation to students who reside within the school district and who attend the public charter school. The public charter school may negotiate with a school district for the provision of transportation to students attending the public charter school.

    (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, the school district within which the public charter school is located shall be responsible for the transportation of students attending the public charter school pursuant to ORS 327.043 in the same manner as students attending nonchartered public schools if the student is a resident of the school district. However, a school district may not be required to add or extend existing bus routes or other transportation services pursuant to this subsection.

    (3) Students who attend public charter schools and who reside outside of the school district may use existing bus routes and transportation services of the school district in which a public charter school is located.

    (4) Any transportation costs incurred by a school district under this section shall be considered approved transportation costs for purposes of ORS 327.013 in the same manner as transportation costs incurred by the school district for transporting students who attend nonchartered public schools are considered approved transportation costs for purposes of ORS 327.013. [1999 c.200 §19; 2003 c.715 §25]

  5. Anonymous Says:

    PIE every year is requested to submit the list of the students that needed to be pick up by the bus. Any students on the buses route heading towards PIE could be transported. Only a few are requested. The parents prefer to drive their own kids. Another myth by ProudofLebanon answered.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What most people do not realize, is that sports have been dumped on the Club. The Club receives very little support (none this current year) from the schoold district. Parents and coaches complain, but do not help.
    The the comment of wanting different choices, should read; someone to do it and pay for everything. Beyond that, there are not enough kids participating in sports to have two seperate programs.

  7. rhetoricalwasteland Says:

    “…sports have been dumped on the Club.”

    Not the most elegant way to put it, but not necessarily inaccurate either. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that, I don’t know, the district didn’t have the money to continue the programs.

  8. Wondering Says:

    I wonder how people would feel about sports if Bo had remained in charge of that. I know that he had entered into negotiations with the Club to work together to provide sports.
    Having had children that participated in both school sponsored and club sponsored sports, the opportunity to actually play was much higher with the club. When one school sponsored coach has to coach over 30 kids in basketball- that just doesn’t work. This debate has gone on for years and probably with continue to go on for years.

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