[Hering] Mediocre

If presidential contests were decided on paper by people reading resumes, backgrounders and position statements, McCain would have a good chance. But campaigns are decided on television where cool confidence counts, and where it’s easier to project the hope of a new beginning if you speak sensibly in a good voice and have a young face. (hh)

This is Hering’s explanation for Obama’s lead.  By this standard, of course, neither Reagan nor GWB would have ever come near the Governor’s office, much less the Presidency.  I’ll assume Hering gets this and just doesn’t want to say it.  I’ll also assume the slight against Obama – that he’s unqualified because he’s young – is unintentional.

Additionally, wouldn’t it have been a lot more interesting if Hering had explored why the appearance of youth matters in politics?

Wait.  Never mind.  I don’t think I could handle Hering’s attempt to explain that.

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