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LT has a comment up that I want to highlight part of:

So what we are waiting for is some evidence that Rick and Josh are going to act in accordance with rules, policies, procedures. For Rick to walk around town saying, “we’re going to get Kelley now,” is evidence that he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand that he is setting up the district to waste more money on a personal vendetta.

If you want to be helpful to building harmony in our district, then I suggest that you go to Rick and tell him you don’t want to hear these comments anymore. And tell him to stop saying that he wants to put Bo Yates in as superintendent. And that he will help people fire Mark Finch as he has helped Larua [sic] Baker with her vendetta against Mark Finch.

As long as Rick goes around making remarks like these, our district will be at risk on every issue he votes on. If he votes to hire Bo Yates as superintendent, then the other candidates will be able to make a legitimate claim that the process was rigged from the beginning.

OUr [sic] goal is not and never has been to get rid of Rick and Josh. It has been to get rid of the behavior that results in poor decisions and legal liability. Josh has been making some attempts to head in that direction. Rick has not.

I wonder how many of Alexander and Wineteer’s supporters get that the recall, at least insofar as its proponents were concerned, was about the two board members’ behavior.  Many people (perhaps including me) might still disagree with the decisions made by Alexander and Wineteer, but if they use a process that’s transparent, democratic, and protects the district from legal liability, it really does change things.  Tom McHill was quoted quite some time ago as saying something about how he just wished the district would focus on issues, not people.  With Robinson gone, his detractors have a chance to live up to their rhetoric and do just that.  I am skeptical that it will happen?  Not as skeptical as just about everyone else I talk to, but yes, I am skeptical.  Alexander especially has not shown a respect for democratic, transparent decision-making in the past, and I don’t have particularly high hopes that he’ll change on his own.  If McUne, Shimmin, and yes, Wineteer, can sit him down and talk about how he can make the same decisions in better ways, then I think he might change (read: improve) as a board member.  Will that happen?  I have no idea.

I will say this, though:  If Alexander chooses to maintain the same behavior as a board member that he has in the past, I really doubt things (where ‘things’ means student achievement, district morale and community cohesiveness) will get better.  His behavior contradicts the rhetoric I am hearing from Lebanon Proof and anti-Robinson commenters about needing to move forward in an inclusive manner.

And I agree with LT that Wineteer has calmed down as board chair.  I think there are probably a variety of reasons for that, but the fact that it’s happening is what matters (mostly).

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