Kip Schoning, Red Door Guy

The GT has a tremendous story on him.  It’s not pretty:

When the ceiling fell in on their granddaughter’s bedroom, Richard and Martha Chandler of Corvallis had to wait a week for their landlord to fix it.

Natasha Funk of Sweet Home waited more than a month for her landlord to repair a kitchen faucet so gunked up it wouldn’t flow, and a water heater that filled the bathtub with floating chunks of crud.

Paul Yost and Jennah Litecky started to move into a rental house in Brownsville, then tried to pull out of the deal after the previous tenants trashed the place and they discovered questionable electrical wiring, but the landlord refused to give them a refund.

Three different stories linked by a common thread: Kip Schoning, the “red-door landlord.”

I can honestly say I hope he goes out of business.

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One Comment on “Kip Schoning, Red Door Guy”

  1. Amy Says:

    Hey Dennis,

    What’s the latest on this loser? I’ve been following the story from afar. I hope his “empire” gets taken down. What I wonder is how he’s been able to get away with all this BS for so long!

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