Font Size

So, the font size in comments is too small.  Based on what I know about WordPress, there’s nothing I can do about that without spending money.  I would increase the default if I could (if anyone knows how to do that, please let me know).

I can, however, offer a quick workaround for readers:

Firefox users:  Hit Command-Plus or Control-Plus to increase the font size on your screen.

Opera users:  Shift-Plus will enlarge the whole page, including text.

Safari users:  On a Mac, hit Command-Plus.  I assume the PC equivalent is Control-Plus.  Both enlarge the font size.

IE users:  Get one of the above browsers.  Seriously.  All are far superior, and far less prone to let somone install viruses and other nasty things on your computer.

It’s a nifty trick.

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