[LCSD] Recall Election Results

The page is here.

UPDATE:  The results are in.  It wasn’t even close.

Now, about those narratives….

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4 Comments on “[LCSD] Recall Election Results”

  1. no small minds Says:

    I had thought (and had hoped) that discussions on this blog and LT were actually having a positive effect and changing hearts and minds. Clearly, I was wrong. This is likely my last comment and last visit to the blog(s). It’s completely pointless when the community is so partisan and so deceived. Thanks for the forum, Dennis, and good luck with it.

  2. anonymous Says:

    A little more than a third of the voters in Lebanon actually voted.
    Two-thirds of that original third voted to keep the Board intact.
    The level of apathy and the willingness to say that the end does justify the means is discouraging beyond words.
    I am really sad tonight.

  3. ProudofLebanon Says:

    I am so proud of Lebanon! The people didn’t listen to the lies and the slander and instead voted to keep two men that are willing to ask the tough questions and do what is right! This has been an amazing couple of days!!!
    If the vote had gone the other direction would “anonymous” be complaining of apathy? I think not.
    Regarding “no small minds” complaint about partisanship and deception. Those voting “No” were not deceived!

  4. rhetoricalwasteland Says:

    “willing to ask the tough questions”

    I am a little confused by this claim. I want to make a distinction between being critical of the Superintendent – which Wineteer and Alexander clearly were – and how one goes about being critical. To me, both of them, but especially Alexander, seemed to think that being antagonistic was a necessary part of things. It’s possible to be critical without that – on occasion, Shimmin is very good at asking good questions and being professional. Alexander, as much as I have seen, is not.

    It is possible to find board members who will be both professional and critical. I’m hoping McUne turns out to be one of them.

    “do what is right.”

    This is purely subjective. If one thinks that filing a complaint with the Linn County DA two days after the end of the month because the DO hasn’t produced a check register yet is right, then go for it. If one thinks bypassing established negotiations and pushing a few amendments to a contract through without district legal counsel having a chance to look at them and without knowing what the financial consequences for the district are is right, then go ahead. If one thinks that placing the Superintendent on leave without cause and without notification is right, then go ahead. I don’t think those actions were right. They may be legal, but they are not ethical. That’s the point.

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