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Lebanon superintendent resigns

This part was interesting:

“I want to come to board meetings and talk about the kids,” Debi Shimmin said, her voice breaking. “I’m exhausted talking about the same three or four issues. This district has to heal. It’s not going to heal under the current situation.”

What was stopping her from talking about students for the last year?  Robinson?  Hardly.  Either even she prioritized getting rid of Robinson over students, or she simply chose not to talk about students and student achievement in the face of Alexander and Wineteer’s constant shenanigans.  I’m not terribly impressed with either one.

Also, pleading to talk about students after voting to spend $400,000 the LCSD didn’t have?  That’s pretty freakin’ rich.  If there’s a victim here, it’s the students whose lives Shimmin just voted to make harder, not her.   Who was she pleading to?  If it wasn’t Alexander and Wineteer, then who?

Robinson: “OK” with resignation agreement

This fall, parents took Robinson to task for declaring an “academic emergency” about high school math achievement, saying he should have done something to improve test scores years ago.

I’ve got to quibble with Moody’s not including the fact that the LCSD has actually been working on math for two years.  I know the prevailing belief is that nothing was done until the emergency was declared, but Robinson had a laundry list at a previous board meeting of things the district is doing or has done regarding math.  Including at least a few items from that least would seem relevant.

KEZI 9: Lebanon School Superintendent Resigns

It’s video.  I haven’t watched it yet.

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10 Comments on “[LCSD] News Coverage”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It does not seem to me that Debi is cut out for this job.
    She has said many times that it is too much (in other words, but still the same flavor).
    Sometimes a School Board Member has to talk about the same issues.
    At every meeting.
    For years.
    That is the nature of the job.
    While there is a place at each meeting to hear about the good stuff, if she only wants to talk about the positives of the kids she should be doing something else.
    Debi had the agenda of ‘getting rid of Robinson whatever it takes’.
    She may sincerely believe that is what it will take to make way to always get to ‘talk about the kids’.
    Being sincere does not make one correct.
    She is totally naive if she thinks Robinson being gone will solve the ecoli in this District.

  2. anonymous Says:

    “She is totally naive if she thinks Robinson being gone will solve the ecoli in the District.”

    Give the gal a break! Why don’t you step up to the plate and run for the board, then we can all take shots at you.

  3. anonymous Says:

    “If there’s a victim here, it’s the students whose lives Shimmin just voted to make harder, not her.”

    Dennis, you seem to be real opinionated on this topic, Would you like to step into any of the board member’s shoes?

  4. rhetoricalwasteland Says:

    I give Shimmin credit for being willing to run for the board during such a tumultuous time. I’m not saying it’s easy – of course it’s not.

    However, I think any statement that she makes that in any way portrays her as a victim or implies that she somehow lacked the ability to talk about students because of Robinson is disingenuous in the extreme, given the records of her, Robinson, Alexander and Wineteer.

    Would I sit on the board? I’m not opposed, but I’m also not moving back to Lebanon.

  5. no small minds Says:

    If I was on the Board I would not be able to discuss my fellow Board Members behavior expect in meetings.
    I am a taxpaying citizen who has every right to hold elected officials to a standard of behavior–no matter how hard it is.
    That is what she was elected for.
    It is ridiculous to say I am being unfair because I want her to follow Board policy and behave in a professional manner even when she doesn’t personally like it.
    I am not faulting her for feeling emotional at times. That makes her human.
    I am faulting her emotional decisions when they conflict with policy and professionalism.
    Those make her unsuited to the job of School Board Member.
    To say that unless I am doing her job and know all the difficulties then I should not criticize her behavior is the same as saying because people have not been Superintendents they should never be upset with a Superintendent’s behavior. (Insert any other job into that slot….).
    Because she is elected to a public position, she is held to a higher–not a lower–standard.

  6. Roxy Says:

    I just tried to watch that video — Does it come up as only a thin line on other people’s screens??

  7. sailor Says:

    Debi is either not being truthful or she is truly demonstrating her inadequacies as a Board member when she says that she wants to talk about the kids, not the Superintendent. Every Board meeting is dedicated to demonstrating the success of the kids of Lebanon and the direction of the District. The only time Debi has to talk about the “same couple of things” (read how to get rid of the Superintendent) is at the Executive Session, when she, Wineteer,and Alexander browbeat a succession of attorneys to let them act illegally or unethically. Every other moment of every Board meeting has to do with reporting on student successes and how the District can better serve the kids. Where has she been?

  8. Joe Chablis Says:

    to Sailor:
    If someone (Dennis, in spite of your obvious bias against Rick & Josh’s antics, would be a good volunteer, or Lebanon Proof) could just do a tally of who (JR, or the Board) has been actually found guilty of illegal, unethical activities, and who has paid more to attorneys (the most recent $6000 excepted), you might find that JR has cost much more. (In spite of the twisted belief expressed by one commentator that he ‘saved’ 25 million by screwing hard working members of our community out of contractual rights to health care, while getting/maintaining these benefits for himself.)
    From my conversations with Debi, I suspect she wants the Board to be talking both about student successes (already happens on occasion due to Sue Spiker’s efforts) and how to improve their success, and their environment. Perhaps even how to get our students (and parents) a regular, and effective voice in important matters. Perhaps you did not know that other districts actually have parents and students as regular (and might I add, respected) members of hiring committees, democratic site councils, and the school board itself…

    Sailor, have you been taking the phone calls from constituents who are upset about district leadership? Has your time as a volunteer ‘blog responder’ (equivalent to unpaid board member in some strange way) been dominated by issues related to poor district leadership? Just asking.

  9. Joe Chablis Says:


  10. anonymous Says:

    No small minds

    The people have spoken!

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