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Recall effort gathers enough signatures to have election

September 11, 2008

From the Express:

Linn County Clerk Steve Druckenmiller announced on Wednesday that enough signatures had been verified to trigger a recall election on Oct. 7 of Lebanon School Board chair Josh Wineteer and vice chair Rick Alexander.

Alexander and Wineteer each have until Sept.15 either resign or submit a 200-word statement addressing the allegations made about their performance in the recall petition. The board members’ statements as well as the statement justifying the recall by the chief petitioners will appear on the ballot.


Druckenmiller said he had his staff quit counting after they had verified over 1,500 signatures on each recall petition, well above the 1,398 required to force an election.

To busy to comment, but, uh, damn. Is everyone holding on tight? The ride is starting…