I think I found some irony; anyone want some? I have extra….

For those of you who know what I do for work….

Yesterday, one of my bosses told me I need to put in significantly more hours. I’m working ~9 hours per day already, and have never objected to coming in earlier or staying later when asked.

One some level, my brain is protesting the dissonance, I’m sure.

… just to be clear, what gets me is that it’s being presented as an order (and since I’m salaried, there’s no extra benefit involved). Anyone else see the irony?

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2 Comments on “I think I found some irony; anyone want some? I have extra….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting… I just happen to be re-reading an old book about corporate management called “In Search of Excellence”. If you haven’t read it before, it might give you some insight into this type of mindset. In spite of decades of evidence that it is counter-productive it continues to dominate the thinking of many corporate managers still today. Sounds like your boss could use a copy of it too.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Quit whining and get to work you lazy bastard. There are forty kajillion Chinese who could step right into your job. They would work for a hundred milliliters of lamp oil and five pumpkins a day.

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