Paging Doctor Crazy

LTE in the DH:

A matter of evolution

I, and other scientists who have studied many living creatures over the years, have discovered that there is more to the evolutionary process than that which controls life on this planet.

Mutations occur constantly. Those that enhance the ability of the organism to better survive in its environment are passed on; while the others of lesser value die off.

The dominant theme in all forms of life is perpetuation of their species. To do this, in most species, the females give off a pheromone (hormone) designed to attract males. It is also suspected that this occurs with humans. Unfortunately human mores run contrary to this evolutionary thrust by creating laws regulating sexual activity within the bounds of marriage and fidelity.

Also, unfortunately, scientists have not yet developed a hormone, nor do they intend to, that counteracts this essence generated subconsciously by females. One cannot justify rape, but scientists can understand male behavior being influenced by this secretion.

Our society must legalize prostitution but place it under strict medical control. I have no doubt that this action would markedly reduce the number of rapes that our society is experiencing.

Allan Jay Silver, MD, Albany

Jesus H. Christ. There are so many things wrong with this letter…. starting with the fact that someone let this guy have a medical degree. I hope he’s retired.

… am I misreading this? Is he actually suggesting that men rape women because they can’t stop themselves due to pheromones?

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5 Comments on “Paging Doctor Crazy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    IE here —

    That’s how I read it too. If anyone asks me for a medical recommendation, I have memorized his name so NOT to recommend him to anyone for anything.

    Maybe he’s joking, but even at that, it’s sick.

  2. Lani Says:

    This argument was all over the press about three years ago, that men just can’t help themselves. The primary problem is that we all are tempted to do things we ought not do in order to live in community with others, like steal, murder, etc. Even is the sex drive is biologically driven (lots of assumptions here – that sex is for procreation and what percentage of sexual intercourse do you think is for this purpose?), so is murderous rage, coveting, and the other drives that lead to the aforementioned things we ought no do. No one, however, suggests we should excuse stealing and murder because of animal urges. This argument fails just on this account, and others.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    He’s retired.

  4. Dennis Says:

    Strayer, you should know I declined to publish your comment. It was a little too harsh in relation to what Silver said.

    Lani, I agree that biology is not destiny. I get a little on edge when I see people with “MD” after their name arguing that it is.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Harsh Dennis, in comparison to what? I see harshness in your posts almost daily. Pehaps it is hidden in scathing sarcasm and judgement, but this does not mean it is not harsh. On somebody.

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