More Palin Fallout

Basically, read Atrios; that guy is f’in sharp:

Republican on MSNBC is arguing that Palin has much more experience than Joe Biden because all he did was run committees in the Senate.

By this logic Palin has much more experience than John McCain.


Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention was seen by more than 38 million people.

Nielsen Media Research said more people watched Obama speak than watched the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing….

Also almost twice the number Kerry got in 2004. Number does not include PBS or C-Span. Nor does it include those who streamed it over the web.



I’ll admit a bit of a pause on Palin for two reasons: 1) Don’t know much about her and 2) The selection of a woman by McCain requires some careful thought about potential criticisms which inadvertently wade into misogynist territory. Already we have questions asked about her which wouldn’t be asked of a man by the media, and I want to avoid going anywhere near there myself.

That last one is very true. Some of the stuff I’ve read on lefty blogs has clearly crossed into misogyny territory.

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3 Comments on “More Palin Fallout”

  1. Jen Says:

    I haven’t spent a ton of time surfing this story, but I’ve got to throw this out there: Just because they wouldn’t ask a man the questions they’re asking her isn’t only mysogynist, it’s highlighting questions that men in her position SHOULD be asked. And I know that my gut tells me there’s something off about a parent who leaves behind their 4 mo baby, let alone one who is as high-needs as an infant with Down’s.

  2. Anonymous Says:


    But isn’t that her call? If you believe in free choice, shouldn’t that qualify as her choice and nobody’s business but hers?

  3. Jen Says:

    Sure, it’s her choice. But like all the choices she makes, the public is free to scrutinize.

    I had the same problem when John Edwards decided to run when his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer – it seemed to me a strange choice that revealed questionable character – and that turned out to be true, didn’t it?

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