Fan, Meet Shit. Shit, Here’s Fan.

From the Lebanon Express website:

Lebanon police officer Ronnie “Kyle” Randleman, 36, resigned July 14 after investigations by the Linn County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and the Lebanon Police Department determined that he had lied to detectives probing allegations that he had an improper relationship with a female Lebanon High School student

And away we go…. for the record, I never heard anything about this while I was subbing.

(Sad) Congrats to Express reporter Larry Coonrod for breaking the story, and to the Express for beating the DH (what with the DH being daily and all).

Click the link for the full story.

Immediate Update: While I am normally loathe to make claims about whole populations, I feel compelled to make one here: Just about everyone who works in a high school has thought about this topic – staff/student relationships – at some point or another. It happens in different ways, for different reasons, and in different contexts, but I will just about guarantee it’s crossed everyone’s mind.

Make of that what you will.

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7 Comments on “Fan, Meet Shit. Shit, Here’s Fan.”

  1. Tourist Says:

    Dennis you need to elaborate on what thoughts you presume all staff at LHS have had. Your immediate update is fertile ground for misguided inference and assumption.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thinking is not doing.
    Only dead people don’t think.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    And you point with the thing about all people THINK of this is??? Speak for yourself. And it sounds like you are minimizing this cop’s actions.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What’s with the delete comment?

  5. Dennis Says:

    I realized after I approved it that I shouldn’t have. It was way over the line.

    Blogger has two levels of comment deletion. The first shows that you’ve deleted a comment, and the second just nukes the comment into oblivion to the point that you never knew it was there. I try to use the first option more often than not, as it allows everyone to know I’ve deleted a comment. It’s more transparent that way.

  6. Tourist Says:

    Dennis, are you not planning on responding to my request for elaboration? You could of course ignore this post and my prior post too. It seems appropriate to respond to the request of elaboration on your blanket all statement. Also, in taking into consideration your statement, as a sub did you have thoughts regarding this subject? I think this a fair question when considering what you posted.The question is not meant to offend you or imply you had any inapropriate thoughts. I am merely asking you, as oppose to making a possibly poorly thought out assumption. As stated, you could always ignore. As a tourist, I am attempting to see how things work here-

  7. Dennis Says:

    Kudos and thanks, tourist, for following up. I don’t intend to provide much of an answer to your question – my statement was intended to elicit some thought about this, not all of it comfortable, not provide what I think.

    I will elaborate by saying that I don’t think all staff think the same thing. Certainly there is a variety of thought present. I think that was implicit in my original statement. I merely meant to point out that staff are thinking about this issue; I did not mean to imply anything about what staff are thinking about this issue.

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