I need waders, it’s so deep


The 2008 presidential contest is turning into the same old thing, the thing we’ve had every four years for generations, which is disappointing. But there’s a way to rescue it, if only Barack Obama would grab the chance.

The growing sameness comes from the candidates themselves and their supporters. It comes from the attention on money and who can raise how much from whom. It also comes from the campaign promises by the candidates, especially the policy statements that change depending on which group they are addressing. And the growing sense of sameness also comes from the nasty tone that the campaigns have adopted in statements about each other.

All this could be overcome and pushed into the background if Obama changed his mind and agreed to the suggestion by John McCain that the two candidates meet in a series of town hall-type meetings between now and the fall.

Wow. All of that? The entire way the campaign is being run could change if only Obama would agree to a series of town-hall meetings?

Who knew?

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7 Comments on “I need waders, it’s so deep”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Come on Dennis, you don’t think the meetings would be fun? Obama struggled in the debates, it would be good for him. Let each present his view or position and let the voter decide which way to go. No, it won’t solve all the negativity, but a good debate would be good for the population. Plus, it would be seen less filtered by the populace. I would love to see them!

  2. Dennis Says:

    OK, you clearly need to read more carefully. You’re the same person who just misread Hering’s editorial and left a rather ignorant comment on that post as well.

    I never said town hall meetings would be bad. In fact, I like the idea. However, to claim, as Hering does, that “all” of the boring old stuff about presidential campaigning could change just because Obama participates in a town hall meeting is just stupid. That’s what I am criticizing here.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Come on, Dennis, lighten up! I am not so much commenting on Herring’s rant, just in favor of the debates. Those would be fun to watch.

    It’s amazing to me how you can know how ignorant I am from a couple of sentences. You beez so muchen smarter den me…

  4. Dennis Says:

    Again with the sloppy reading. I said the comment was ignorant, not you.

    Also, uh, my bad.

  5. Michael Faris Says:

    Not only would the town hall forums not make this an election different from others, but I doubt the forums would even be fun. Well, perhaps “fun” is an accurate word. I doubt they’d be too good for democracy, as in the candidates would probably barely address the issues. It’d be the same old crap we’ve seen at other debates and forums: pandering, cliches, abstractions, deflections, accusations, and so forth.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Michael, you may be right. But a guy could dream…

  7. Dennis Says:

    Michael, a question:

    Given the constraints of a US presidential election, what kind of debate format would you suggest? (I am using ‘debate’ in the broadest sense possible.) What would you do to create an environment where candidates could freely and honestly discuss issues?

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