McCain and Torture


The Armed Services Committee is holding hearings this morning on torture. The ranking Republican member (John McCain) couldn’t make it. So he sent his faithful hound Huckleberry in his place.

The leading voice in the nation on the subject of torture, a living symbol of everything that is wrong with it, a man who cannot raise his arms above his head today because of the wounds he suffered under it, is out on the campaign trail today, ducking the subject. It seems his days of being a hero are long behind him.

If McCain had been steadfast since Vietnam that torture should be legal, that would be one thing. But until the last few years, he was solidly against torture.

I can only marvel at how complex and complicated an issue this must be, and how much he looks like a craven politician because only now that he’s running for President as a Republican does he endorse some of the same types of torture that were used on him.

There is no sarcasm in this sentence: The lack of ethics here is colossal.

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