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Bad essay. Good comment.

March 31, 2008

This essay on Alternet is essentially a call to act stupid. It’s a dumb idea (filed under “things that want to be contrarian but are just backwards”).

This comment, found on the same page (I couldn’t find a direct link to the comment), is a much smarter idea, politically speaking:

It would be much more useful and effective, I believe, for the Democrats to pull an entirely different page out of the GOP playbook. Tell the story of giving people back something they regard as wrongfully taken from them and let them dream of how they will make use of that “gift.” In the case of the Republicans, the game is played by telling people they can have their tax money back to spend as they please (ignoring the services and devaluation of the currency that results from deficit spending). The GOP has set the table for a whopping round of giving people back their privacy, the security of their identities and private information, the right to be told the truth by a whole range of scientists working the public interest, the right to know what their government is doing on their behalf, and the right to have the government respect their wishes about, say, war or consumer protection even if it is not a presidential election year.

Though, as the commenter notes, Democrats in general have not shown much appetite for challenging a lot of Bush policies. After all, the Dems, as political elites, are the beneficiaries of many of those policies.


Rush Limbaugh will destroy you!

March 31, 2008

This is a bit strange. Oh, and it’s got some pretty strong language.

I’m not sure this is something to be proud of…

March 31, 2008

I am astounded at the fact that Merkley and his supporters are trumpeting the change to payday loan laws when the result is still a 35% interest rate.

Does anyone else think that’s insane? Who would be proud of that?

How low is the standard here?


March 31, 2008

There’s also a movie in the making based on Parkour.

I like Parkour. I also happen to think it’ll make a terrible film.

Info on Parkour here.

I once told a HS student he should take it up. I’m pretty sure he thought I was insane.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

March 31, 2008

Apparently it’s being made into a movie.

Patronage, Bush-style

March 31, 2008


And anyone who’s thinking that “but Democrats do it too” is some kind of defense or otherwise in any way excuses this, please stop. I’m not interested in defending ANYONE who pulls shit like that. It’s incredibly immoral no matter who does it.

To put it another way: The federal government decided that aid to people in a disaster zone should be based on some of the beliefs of the people involved.

David Simon the slow decline of newspapers

March 30, 2008

This is a good great essay:

And now, with about twenty-five inches filed and sent to the state desk, I have come to rest, waiting while editors in the four o’clock shape the next day’s local front. I am sweating profusely, unsure what to do with my hands, my face, my soul. A Styrofoam cup of water sits in front of me, untouched. More laughter from the conference room, and finally they emerge — Phelps and the others.

He looks at me, pulls on his mustache, frowns.

Dead. I am dead to him.

And then Phelps turns and whispers something to the tall editor beside him, something about me, clearly, because the tall guy is heading my way. I rise and actually drop my eyes. It will be fast, I tell myself. It will be fast and then I can go.

“You’re Simon?”


“Good story today.”

I wait.

I’ve been putting off adding The Wire to my list of things to watch despite hearing nothing but good things about it, but this pretty much seals the deal. Anyone who writes at that level gets my attention.