PIE Asks LCSD to Rush Negotiations Over Contract Renewal

Update: In response to the first commenter, as far as I know the LCSD has not agreed to direct negotiations. That said, I would not be surprised if they end up occurring based on the possibility of Debi supporting them. But thus far, nothing has been decided that I know of.

This was in the DH today.

As a rule, I really like the stories Jennifer Moody writes on the Lebanon School Board.

This one, however, I have one tiny – minor, really – quibble about…. and even then it’s not really her doing.

What is it?

Well, the entire basis for the story is the fact that PIE wants to meet with the LCSD School Board as soon as possible – before the next scheduled School Board meeting, in fact. Multiple people are quoted in the story as being critical of Chair Sprenger’s inclination to wait. This comment is particularly great (that would be sarcasm, people) since it adds absolutely nothing to the discussion:

Braunberger criticized the decision, writing, “Why is it so hard for the Lebanon board to sit down with the PIE board and start the discussions? There is already an existing charter in place that could be used as a starting point. Come on people this is not that complicated.”

It does, however, illustrate something that’s not present in the story (and this is where my quibble with Moody comes in):

Simply put, there is no reason given in the story to explain why the PIE Board is being so insistent on immediate negotiations (and doing so in such a hostile manner, like it’s their right or something). None whatsoever.

I understand that a large part of the reason for this is due to the fact that no one from PIE ever actually gives anything resembling a reason for the rush, but still. Moody could have either asked Jackson or Braunberger (or Alexander) about the need to rush things, or she could have noted the lack of reason in the story.

But why doesn’t anyone from PIE ever give a reason? I don’t know, not for sure – but I suspect there are a few possible reasons:

1) The longer the wait the less likely PIE is to get what it wants. Pushing through the immediate and unconditional renewal was a victory, and following it up by hurrying the district through negotiations is likely going to limit the changes that are made to the charter, something that is in line with PIE’s desire to avoid accountability and oversight (never mind that the changes will be necessary to bring PIE in to compliance with the law).

2) PIE might want to hold the negotiations over Christmas break, during a time when people don’t have as much energy or attention to devote to the subject as they might normally. This is definitely related to #1, as it’s another way for PIE to slip under the radar and get what they want. It’s also very un-Christian of them (but then again, so is just about everything else they’ve done thus far).

I should say as well that I cannot think of one good reason to rush the negotiations. The only thing that comes close is the 90-day requirement present in state, but I would very surprised if a) the negotiations take 60 days, or b) there is no provision in state law to extend the time period.

Like I said above, I generally like Jennifer Moody’s coverage – but in this case, I just wish she would have noted the lack of given reason in the story, that’s all. I think that piece of context is both important and very telling.

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2 Comments on “PIE Asks LCSD to Rush Negotiations Over Contract Renewal”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now wait a minute. I know PIE voted at their board meeting to negotiate with only our board members and not district officials but OUR board hasn’t voted on it yet and I hope they have no intention on agreeing to do that.
    That would be incredibly irresponsible. In order for our board to make intelligent decisions while committing our school district to a 5 year binding contract they need input from their lawyer and the people we pay to run our schools. If PIE doesn’t like it then PIE should get some other district to sponsor them.
    Why is PIE assuming our board has agreed to that? Please tell me three of our board members have not agreed to do something outside of a public meeting and without discussing it with the other two.
    Is Jay going to write the contract and Rick hold one of his 24 hour notice special meetings and the rest of us read about it the next day like the last time? Am I jumping to conclusions here?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    People wake up!
    *PIE has drug its feet for months.
    *Rick A. has thrown all kinds of smoke screens up (do I really need to remind anyone of the past 6 months?
    *PIE would not be rushing if they weren’t afraid of something coming down the pike.
    *This is about PIE and Rick A. and not what is best for the District as a WHOLE.
    *There HAS to be something going on behind the curtains of OZ–maybe ( oh pleaseeeee let it be so) the State is finally waking up to the horrible things occurring under the radar right here in River City.

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