Defining a Generation – Or, At Least, Making a Snarky Comment on Same

From a recent email conversation with my friend bz (reprinted with permission) regarding the website Jezebel and the people behind it:

They’re between the working poor and lower middle class, a lot of them (Chase and I began describing ourselves as such like a year ago), but it varies. It’s like new money, but instead of folks who came into monetary wealth without effort, it’s college degrees. I mean, think about the glut of folks who went through their four years and learned shit, right? They didn’t really try too hard, because seriously, what the hell is college practically mandatory for anyway. But like, everyone did the same thing, and so folks are just floating around with these brains and y’know—ideas?—but there’s not much for them outside of tiny houses, jobs not quite fulfilling and a society that isn’t sure any more what the general proper way of conducting oneself is. [emphasis added]

I think she is getting at something that definitely affects me (and a whole lot of other people): The collapse of the American Dream and the security that goes with it… and the fact that it’s not being replaced with much more than a fractured vision of the good life filled with anomie.

To be clear, there is a damned big upside to that: Freedom.

But freedom – choice – can be a scary thing sometimes, as it implies a need to take responsibility for one’s actions.

My generation, it seems, is doing a great job putting that off.

Thanks, Judd Apatow.

Also, have I mentioned that Jezebel is awesome?

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