Bad Journalism 101

This is a relatively quick example.

Go read this story on Jeanne Assam, the guard at a New Life Church who shot Matthew Murray.

Question: What’s missing?

Answer: The story – at least as printed in the DH – never says what happens to the person Assam shot. It says “Murray dropped to the ground,” but that doesn’t mean spit in the context of a news story. It should have established what happened to him – died at the scene, died at the hospital, lived, etc.

That’s just sloppy journalism.

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One Comment on “Bad Journalism 101”

  1. Bernstein Says:

    I’d blame the omission on the DH and not the AP writer. Hasso doesn’t allow jumps off the front page, so someone edited the important stuff write out of the story.

    I don’t understand why this story is even on the front page. It’s not local and anyone who cares has already read about it on the Web or seen it on television.

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