Tom Tancredo

Step back for a second and marvel at the fact that this man is running for President of the United States on a major-party ticket and no one is batting an eye:

Pretty scary, if you ask me.

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5 Comments on “Tom Tancredo”

  1. Joseph Orosco Says:

    Not unique to the U.S. There is a wave of nativism all over the developed world and the nationalist parties are winning sizable elections in Europe.

  2. Michael Faris Says:

    ├╝ber scary.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Joseph – I agree with you, but I also know that many European countries have parliamentary systems. Tancredo’s inclusion into the Republican Party gives him an instant legitimacy that I don’t think is found anywhere else.

    On the other hand, maybe that means anti-immigrant sentiment is actually shallower here than in Europe.

    That’s unsettling.

  4. Cassie Says:

    Makes you wonder, who exactly are “those that don’t belong?”

  5. Dennis Says:

    Cassie – I think it can be adequately translated as “people who don’t look white.”

    Tancredo’s merely tapping into a long (and racist!) history of coded language used in the U.S… especially by Republican Presidential candidates since Barry Goldwater.

    You should get your hands on a copy of Omi and Wynant’s Racial Formation in the United States.

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