Update: Major changes to this post, that’s for sure.

Rumor has it that Lebanon School Board member Rick Alexander has discovered that I sub at LHS.

I am highly amused.

Everyone knows who I am.

Everyone, apparently, except Rick Alexander.

Someone should tell him about teh intertubes.

Given that I’ve received multiple and conflicting bits of feedback to the original post, let’s clear the air a little:

I applied for, and was granted, a temporary substitute teaching license (officially labeled an “emergency” license, I think, which limits me to 60 days total work per academic year) to work in the following districts: Lebanon, Sweet Home, and Central Linn. This happened early in February 2007.

The license is granted by the state and requires endorsement in the districts I wished to substitute in. I asked for and received that endorsement through application to each district’s HR office.

Upon receiving the license, I began to work in both Lebanon and Sweet Home. The majority of my work is in Lebanon. I chose to work in Lebanon because I attended HS there and I knew other people who were doing the same thing.

That’s it. That’s the entire story.

Any questions?

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One Comment on “Rumors”

  1. Lebanon Truth Says:

    Welcome to the club.

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