Sadly, I am not talking about Christmas. From the LA Times:

Even strongholds of sartorial liberalism have not been without their hosiery flare-ups. Last summer, a 25-year-old Berkeley woman (who did not want to give her name for fear of her in-laws) was accused by her new mother-in-law of “indecent exposure” for failing to wear hose on her special day.

The mother-in-law might find solace in the fact that her views are supported by the president of the United States. One of his first actions upon taking office was to reinstate the White House dress code requiring, among other things, that women wear stockings in the West Wing. Exhibit A, Condoleezza Rice, the fashionable secretary of state.


Then again, I guess I’m not really surprised so much as disgusted. From later in the story, another ridiculous display of male privilege:

Katie Couric has been one of the most stalwart and high-profile bare-leggers, bringing her tanned gams into living rooms every day with the TV news. But the sight of bare legs is so repulsive to some that a forum has emerged on, a website for stockings fans, dedicated to persuading the chipper news anchor to wear pantyhose. Fundraisers, bribes and beatings are a few of the strategies discussed. One man lamented that he’d been forced to switch to Fox, where the legs are rarely naked.

About 70% of the impassioned commenters on are male, according to site founder David Bradwell. Their push for hose is about making “ladies” look sexy.

“It’s about leaving something to the imagination,” he said. “A gift which is wrapped and can then be unwrapped is better.”

He also admits he’s never tried to wear them.

Look, kids! Women – even news anchors like Katie Couric – are like presents to be unwrapped I mean, sex objects fit for male viewing bound by the patriarchy!

The misogyny on display is mind-boggling.

Note: I couldn’t find the aforementioned thread on the stocking website… I wonder if they took it down?

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