A Privileged View Into Hering’s Head

His latest bloviation is on the decline of reading in America.

Whenever I see this from him, I get wary:

But then I got to wondering…

Turns out Hasso just thinks that if we read the books he finds interesting, all will be well with American readers:

…I’m now rereading the Aubrey-Maturin novels by the late Patrick O’Brian, which someone once described as the best historical novels ever written.

Full of wit and vivid characters, written in elegant yet frugal English, with never an unnecessary word, they are the kind of books that keep the reader up late into the night.

More books like that, and reading in America might rebound.

I really wish Hering would realize that other people behave in different ways, and when Hering writes about himself he’s obviously not describing anywhere near the majority of people in the way he seems to assume.

In other words: Hering’s life is not universally applicable to the rest of us. Someone should tell him so.

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One Comment on “A Privileged View Into Hering’s Head”

  1. Strayer Says:

    Those last two sentences in your post are cracking me up. I won’t be the one, however, telling him so. I’ve gotten in trouble of late letting people in on how their behavior looks or relates to others, so I won’t be the one. But, you cracked me up this morning. I have a lot of great old books Mr. Hering could read and likely he’d enjoy them.

    I secretly read. If Mr. Hering confronted me on the issue I’d deny it!

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