Hasso Gets Back to His Old Form

And by that, of course, I mean that he turns into a dishonest hack; he manages to write an entire column attempting to discredit Sizemore’s accusers without noting that what Sizemore is being sued for is actually against the law.

I wonder if Hering countenances the hiding of one’s assets in other cases? Or is It OK If You’re A Republican? (IOKIYAR)

Hasso Hering should not be writing editorials for the Albany Democrat-Herald. In fact, Hering should be fired. When he writes news stories, he tells the truth in reasonable and straightforward fashion. But for some reason, when he writes editorials, he feels license to distort the truth through lies by omission on a regular basis. This should be unacceptable to Hering’s superiors, if he has any.

It really is that simple. Too bad nepotism and tradition trump professional ethics over at Lee Enterprises.

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