300 dead by taser in the U.S. this year alone

…this is the last one, I promise. But I felt a need to at least post the link.

This is why I despise tasers and police-state tactics.

This needs to stop.

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2 Comments on “300 dead by taser in the U.S. this year alone”

  1. Roxy Says:

    Three hundred dead according to infowars.com? 🙂 Hm. I haven’t seen a number that high before in regards to Tasers. I don’t think Tasers are “great” but I would rather officers use a Taser than a gun in dicey situations. Even if 300 is an accurate number, I’m sure the number of people who have been Tased is in the 10’s of thousands range. Who knows, maybe even more. I would rather be Tased than shot in the leg, shoulder, arm, or whatever non-vital body part an officer may aim at if they didn’t have a Taser.

    With all that said, I DO think officers need to stop Tasing people multiple times to reach compliance. Once, twice? They shouldn’t be Tasing people nine times (David Glowczenski). Now that’s just stupid.

  2. Dennis Says:


    Part of my complaint is not that Tasers are being used instead of guns, it’s that they are being used instead of words. Or batons.

    Also that they are being used as a first-priority tool to create compliance, not as a last-ditch method or even as self-defense.

    See, for example, the case of the man in the Canadian airport who got Tasered after 46 seconds of questioning.

    Under what circumstances is that appropriate? Certainly not that of a man stuck in an airport for 10 hours who doesn’t speak the local language…

    He died, by the way.

    Also see the case of the UCLA student.

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