Played a game earlier tonight with two other folks, both of whom have been victorious against me before.

I scored 505; neither of them scored above 214 – meaning my score was more than theirs combined.


Probably, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really pleased with the outcome.

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2 Comments on “Scrabble!”

  1. YM Says:

    You forgot to mention your 90-year-old grandmother can beat you at Scrabble, though she wasn’t in the game this time.

  2. kiss my @$$ Says:

    Kiss my grits. The last time i beat you at scrabble was years ago. For you to claim that i beat you before is meaningless in this context because it was so long ago both our skill bear no resemblance to what they are now. plus i got screwed on vowels, and i gift wrapped “equal” on the triple word score for you….but dont let me keep a game of scrabble from going to your head. peace.

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