Reinforcing the Dominant Paradigm, Special Sexism Edition

Because lord knows not a single American was gay before the 1960s…

From another of those blasted books:

A man on the frontier with a family needs a woman, and so, within a year, Thomas Lincoln married Sarah Bush Johnston, who had three children of her own.

This in a chapter supposedly about Abraham Lincoln’s early years.


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2 Comments on “Reinforcing the Dominant Paradigm, Special Sexism Edition”

  1. Michael Faris Says:

    How ironic. Since there’s some evidence that Abe Lincoln might have been a little queer himself.

    And a bit on the history of sexuality: no one was “gay” or “homosexual” before the 1860s. There weren’t these types of word, in general, for folks; these types of words arose in the 1860s and later. Before then, as Foucault has noted, people talked about others in terms of acts, not identities; then sexuality was ascribed to the body and identity instead of to acts. And that leads us to our fucked up modernity.

  2. Dennis Says:

    That Foucalt seems like a smart dude. I should read his stuff…

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